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26 February 2024
Displacement has disrupted our rich traditions – our literal modes of survival – leaving us without actualising rites for our current state. A lack of collective intention bodes ill for the future. How then can we unpack our past and engage with our present to disrupt these futures?    
02 January 2024
I can’t speak for other Black artists, I can only discuss my own experience as a Black woman in the arts. It is something that requires skin like iron and a gentle beating heart, it is something that, I believe, has not quite fulfilled its great potential due to historical oppression, exclusion and misuse.
25 April 2023
You might be familiar with the notion of: You’ve got to be twice as good to get half as far. Embedded within sentiments like this, is the recognition that oftentimes we are operating within systems that favour Whiteness, able-bodiedness and cis masculinity.